VR exhibition offers viewers a safe space

PUBLISHED : 6 OCT 2021 AT 04:00

"Safe Space" is the first online virtual reality exhibition by Nuttapong Daovichitr, aka Nutdao, who is displaying 11 digital paintings at Art Bakery Gallery, a VR gallery fully accessible around the clock, until Oct 31.

Presented in collaboration with AST Global, this bi-monthly VR show features the art of escapism through a collection of places, events and memories the 30-year-old artist assembled to create an interesting visualization of a safe zone.

He constructed this imaginary space as an escape from hopeless situations where there is no way out. This space is meant to be a place where broken hearts and souls that have been devastated by a distorted society can be healed. Some of the highlight pieces are Placebo, Sanctuary No.01 and Sanctuary No.02.

Nutdao is an illustrator and graphic designer whose unique and recognizable images can be seen nearly everywhere -- in magazines, books and brochures at restaurants and even in the Tokyo metro.

He is reputed for portraying his innermost feelings and daily state of mind through simple yet detailed drawing lines in his work. Daily objects and humans are implemented as his representation to create scenarios for the audience to understand the feelings or conditions he is implying.

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