Exhibition reveals longing in a new light

PUBLISHED : 16 JUN 2021 AT 04:00

Art Bakery Gallery is starting its bi-monthly VR art exhibition project with an online showcase of outstanding digital art creations by Kornsarin Pattarasopak aka ReenP, until July 9.

Held in collaboration with AST Global, a VR/AR content developer, the non-physical virtual exhibition will get viewers to imagine the space in their minds through a selection of 11 images presented in a happy and relaxing style under the compositional concept "You Go To My Head".

The exhibition's main purpose is to reveal that the feeling of missing someone is not just a simple thought at a certain moment. Instead, thoughts of our loved ones often linger and hold a special place in our minds. Consequently, it can create a positive vibe even on a bad day or lead to inspiration in our life.

This concept has been interpreted into different kinds of spaces and actions as metaphors of each stage of the development of our mind when we fall in love with someone.

Highlight pieces include Blossom, a memorable picture illustrating how our mind blossoms like a flower as our love interest takes over more and more space in our head and Sparkle, which shows that the thought of that special person always puts a spark back in our mind and provides us with fresh inspiration.

ReenP studied visual and communication design at Silpakorn University and is currently a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Bangkok.

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